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Its late burning jasmine in the gates
Stronger than ever up against these feather weights
They throwing up plates, im throwing up eights
Spit an iller 32 so what you wanna do?
Respect true reflect the clear view dare you to counter that
Forward not a holla back
Take two and swallow that who you throwing dollars at?
Im not for sale like john robinson polishing off another zombie at a rate that’s astonishing
Harnessing chi- set me free like a pardon when, facing the row that’s a place too many martyrs been
Chasing the flow with a glow from the heart again
sankofa to the days we were closer expand poster-child for wild out the holster
my mind spray to the corners and the hallways the 9 to 5ers and the block lockers all day
black love black thought black state of mind black light black stars what a way to shine

corrupt government handing out punishments wonder if we pulled the rug from up under it
would it fall like berlin wall smashing with a wrecking ball its the final call
ride or roll out return control alt delete and reboot now im out of the loop as im flying the coop with cats in hot pursuit choke on the dust of this angel yo tengo morenos I lust a head or a bust however I rock got all chambers on lock no more punching clocks astray from the flock im throwing it down like heather b and them glocks cream of the crop hop hip spit glyphs so slick don’t trip loosen reality’s grip potent cultures swarmed by vultures dusk approaches spark up your roaches



from That Was You? Mixed by DJ Deliver, released November 11, 2011
Lyrics by: staHHr Produced by Kyo Itachi



all rights reserved


staHHr Atlanta

Skilled in the art of lyrical alchemy, staHHr, has been perfecting her craft and honing her lyrical warrior skills since the latter part of hip hop’s” Golden Era”. Carving a niche for herself by interweaving intellect, natural law, metaphysics and social awareness with the essence of pure, unadulterated hip hop, she consistently provides a welcome breath of fresh air. ... more

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