Molotov Season Instrumentals

by staHHr

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More molotovs for you!! The instrumental version of Mother Nature with a Molotov: Molotov Season for your vibing pleasure.


released February 24, 2013



all rights reserved


staHHr Atlanta

Skilled in the art of lyrical alchemy, staHHr, has been perfecting her craft and honing her lyrical warrior skills since the latter part of hip hop’s” Golden Era”. Carving a niche for herself by interweaving intellect, natural law, metaphysics and social awareness with the essence of pure, unadulterated hip hop, she consistently provides a welcome breath of fresh air. ... more

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Track Name: Phoenix produced by Calzone
Resistant, so the bs persistent
once we let go/everything flow
Everything blow, glow like a lit clove
Stay in flipmode-thick lips, cute nose
Sexy librarian-glasses vegetarian
On the cusp of aquarian, moving out of pisces
Demeanor make ice freeze/ but thats just the mic steeze

Aggressive with lyrics- all samples are clearing
Fly from soul to skirts ta/mother nature
nurture won't hurt ya/ truth is a booster
You really not living if you scared of death
Flyer than a dove with tha heart of a lion-ess
yes- alleviating stress
Beads of lapis on my chest
Throat chakra- open up for the doctor/in my person so proper
intact dome-imma woman, imma backbone

black thoughts keep me grounded like asphalt
subliminal ass-ault/knowledge my passport
escape from witch mountain-keep that bitch bouncing like deadbeat parents
cancel interference in a room full of spirits
In tune with my egun-as they flow thru
open channels-nothing I can't handle
pour libations/ invitation light a candle
prepare to scramble what you thought was reality
invoking the truth when I post in the booth
you would hope I'm aloof but thats lacking the proof
by the door with the spook/ dan freeman
got that spark like semen-amped? I ain't even-
break a sweat yet/While others break they neck
in pursuit of a little fame and a little check
she Long range thinking- kangen water drinking
staring life square in the eye-and not blinking


immortal- how we navigate through the portals/
determines the outcome-
influenced by Malcolm/
noble drew ali and haile Selassie I
seeking within-that's where ya answers lie
all law is there/guiding the path like neter
relinquish the fear-you halfway there
no illusion-clear sight with no confusion
steady schooling wack/ through the grooves in the track

Chorus: out