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released May 3, 2012




all rights reserved


staHHr Atlanta

Skilled in the art of lyrical alchemy, staHHr, has been perfecting her craft and honing her lyrical warrior skills since the latter part of hip hop’s” Golden Era”. Carving a niche for herself by interweaving intellect, natural law, metaphysics and social awareness with the essence of pure, unadulterated hip hop, she consistently provides a welcome breath of fresh air. ... more

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Fresh dressed like a million bucks-
manicure, pedicure, wit a brand new cut
feeling brand new plush-victorious
birth name mean leader of the warriors
illuminate-trillion cut diamond
take rain clouds make chains out the silver lining
time it perfect-working them circuits
like juju-black magic woman amazulu
Molotov all on ya set, you know how she do
nothing new under the sun-this recreation
but mama ain't playing
wolete giorgis-
slaying the dragons when I spit thru a cordless
word to my backbone- djed pillar
Claiming the villa-in Brasilia-perpendilla
to ley lines OK, I'm focused like falconry-
herus paying dues can relate to it naturally
claim it if you want it-change is constant
bring it down-rock it like a crown
you are so winning- you are so on
hold it up- make it pop- you are so strong

old school precision with new school vision
everliven- she gave the hybrids their religion
Not to be outfoxed- I'm living without box
directing my own course-break atoms like main source
defiant-a scientist-learning then applying it
not selling, they still buying it
woke-she third eyeing it
dope-she so fly in it- no tieing it
first place I'm locking it-
ride the beat like a cock in it-
crown-im on top of it- no stopping it
pick ya face up-flawless-no make up
don't rock jewels from Jacob-
I drop jewels to wake up
sleeping giants-time for realignment
the fellas call me stella-bella caramella
high post to cella dwellas-got em covered like umbrellas
make it rain on em/drop a little game on em
and when im gone thangs won't ever be the same for em
Physical residual- body made of minerals
proteins, dope fiends walking with a slow lean
rise up- time to refine your reality
destined for greatness, not born to be a casualty
Bodies a formality- operate from the spirit
mellowed out the groove so the party people feel it
And still get the jewel- music is a tool- for enlightenment
Instead fighting fist- imma strike with this
Pen is mightier- use it as a sword
oguns hold it down/insure the impress is secured
Rest assured/after trials been endured
Prevention beats cure- intentions ever pure
notorious-lyrics off and on like a light switch
tuned in to the right pitch- passion what I write with
peaking the frequency- frequently freaking thee
universal law of give and taking equally

Drawn to the light like moth to the flame.
Sold not told cuz it's natural game.
Blame none a victim never claim one. Yep- the same one thats got ya brain stunned.
up and at em early bird type fashion. fit the armor-i was born for sound clashing.
etoile magnifique-I cut off the weak
they've no right to speak-ms.perfection at its peak.
Blessed with this, so I strive to move in honor
sister, daughter, comrade, mama/
refrain from the drama- let em hang like a comma
pause-applying what I learned to the cause
effective- speak from experience-perspective
reflective-actions freedom, passion up late nights-til I get it straight right
sacrifice is great vice lets take flight

move forward with sankofa wiser now I'm older
solar- rays melting caps that's polar
reverse curses with verses dispell that
bringing skill back- sugar hill rap
still dopest- real focused-take notice
packing up my duffle-making moves all coastes
got that je né sais quois- comme ci, comme ca
love wherever ya are- cause you made it this far
the wealth is the people-don't let em mislead you
or bleed you-vampires tripping cause they need you
from days fetal, been battling d'evils
not a superstar-moor like yaa asantewaa
dub conqueror-bet she set it off for sure
like cleo and stoney- taking what's owed me
15 homie- this ladies first like latifah and monie
16 and if you don't know by now you'll never know me
thought that it would break me?/ take me-off my course
Fell, picked it up, realigned with the source
Back on the horse like Godiva-imma
Survivor-victor picture perfect
Work it til it short circuits/ think it, speak it,
claim it secret/Ain't its-ancient
cadence-myrrh the fragrance
ultra violet-how I speak when I'm silent
thru my aura/borealis aurora
Its in the bloodline/liquid sunshine
the heart-Know it and I'm doing my part/
sometimes it switch in a blink like a glitch in the link/
of a chain/ stay off it-Before I lose, I'll forfeit/
no bowing to the corporate or devils in the pulpit
applaud this- flawless-spit gorgeous
justice for the lawless- real rawness

Chorus:un-break-able/cant block the flow/wont take my soul... Oh-oh, no,no

You talk wreckless- but softer than a pearl necklace
We outta balance- let's correct it
Stay connected
we ressurrect bliss-then over on the next mish
The womb must be protected and respected-ase
no more fiction/that's the mission/ deal with truth everyday
we gotta make it over- that's the only way
go against that grain/work through the pain
to get to joy/something to hold on-myrna loy
survival of the fit-we intent bredrin
7 steps to heaven-wafers unleaven/
communion with the interstellar/Ginger leather
shooting dice with christ looking for my cinderfella/
Dana Dane flow/plain jane know/
punky brewster with the colorful mainframe glow
Life been bananas- welfare and tanf
regardless-cry freedom if you really want it

Think about the timing while you planning and designing
strong under pressure- morphed into a diamond
shining-brighter than some twankies on a hog
grinding-creeping through and seeping like a fog
something inside of me guiding me
keeps reminding me- to rewind and see
no following blindly/the worst is behind me
every cell of my being/responding to freedom
that's where it starts first-feeling DNA bursts
like a climax all through the body
such a rush-type fast lane in a maseratis
kept my guard up, in case they wanna start stuff
life it'll call bluffs-even if you all tough
knock ya block off-trying to get ya rocks off
turn tables- cause we able to win
unshakable-we rooted firm breaking em in (breaking em in, breaking em in)

napalm stay calm oh ish no lips from h bombs sis spit blow rock in the hard place we walking the hard way dont force it forfeit the game if you cant hold ya horses dealing with unreliable sources soul selling foes yelling need to get off it they warped it me without mics is awkward like two left shoes i give crews turquoise and navies tofu with gravy spinach sautee me the hunger's crazy it bubbles daily you dropped it i pop lock it sp get my name right s-t-a-double H -r light yuh dun know what i been through how you gon pretend to analyze or read me on my gonzalez like speedy antagonize the greedy til they break bread with the needy speech grafitti all caps i know you see me

Rawness habitually, swords wit it lyrically sharp, master the wizardry of the Art, elegant touch, heavensent clutch, mics grabbed up in mad regions, intriguing! Tones of benevolence all he really knew of. Movement of the people y'all we call it Crew Love! Who wit a regime come wit it so pristine, test of time rhymers they need to come clean, couldn't hold the weight of the elements, Mr. Robinson's back! He made it cool to be intelligent in fact, actual gems by the stack but who's counting, known to bring the fire to tracks in large amounts Sun! Shine on em like glisten just listen, world reknowned sound, so profound type whispering, raspy but classy all in the same swing, hats off tracks raw! Do the damn thing!!

Do they even deserve rhymes I preserve Time if these jerks ain't putting in real work it's reverse time kill them again rehearse lines stop your flow like funeral traffic got a glow yeah a beautiful magic who's this elaborate without a sequins dress I leave sequence pressed permanent fresh like a recent test at least we blessed no sleepless stress stressless sleep eyes wide as the stretch of the beach my vibe from the west to the east blindsided from the depths of the steep steps that I keep take the breath of these geeks flabbergasted from the vastness of these mathematics I've attached it for you to attack and then activate the inactive emancipate the captives this the sound of freedom most profound with the pen if you ain't built for it got the skills for it You'll get killed for it so if you saying you nice be willing to trade your life I'm really amazing like three d visuals E he's lyrical say what I want being P C 's pitiful
divine number 9 how the paths aligned
the worlds not ready for these lights combined
lost when it found them peace was around them
grounding peeping his beautiful brown skin
he the truth staHHr-way above par
reunited threshold of the juice bar
like wheatgrass good for the temple- pure energy-oil that's essential
open like eucalypt dont even know his name
on a time travel trip remember kissing those lips
on the banks of the amazon- tetragrammaton
spoke to my soul thats when it took hold
locked eyes and bonded instant
seeing past lives on a farm with infants
new experience i cant explain
1and it fits just right so i wont complain

Outer limits-beyond the stars Mars and Venus the universe is ours
perfect balance- the opposite charge unconditional-love with no flaws

melted this ice box light of my life ahk
never been in love before musta hit the right spot
only expectation is developing greatness
encourage we to grow going with the flow
embracing nature straight with no chaser
you, not the papers jewelry or acres
most people probably never understand
everything revealed through the touch of your hand
on the small of my back-magnetic attract
complete- we each found the missing puzzle piece
ain't even gotta speak- connect is that deep
sweet-everything in sync magnifique
official business-good vibes relentless
pharoah from my dreams ancestors bear witness
taking our thrones back side by side
since forever til forever- ase-let's ride
handle it With patience Inhaling the fragrance
of sandalwood-grafted on stone by ancients
tainted-cant be cosigned by my auntie
paint we-in shades of realness brilliance
been through it all- this love resilient hard headed it til ntr said it's true
took the boxing gloves off- left the ring for a few
through and through we have been perfected
errors from the past-rebuild correct it
planted seeds in the earth good karma given birth
took the best and the worst- Making it work
a young version of Ossie and Ruby
written in the stars by the pen of Tehuti
yes-we met right on time
this love is healing-from the base of the spine
Working it out black indigenous like arawak
word power sound/under with them over ground
roots deeper than shamballah jack-holla back
True and Living in natural stat factual acts
Reppin the universal dark matter strata
Fiction gotta crumble/ falsehoods shatter
like who's god, and who's the devil
Accountable for all your actions-playing field levelled
Earthly vessels on the sea of life floating
Open these herbs are so potent, potent
Damiana with a shot of guarana
Pure energy-negativity ain't ruling me
I'll reverse the vibration- humble through prostration
Flaming the ego-fire like Leo
The one like neo- baby ask about me
everywhere like air-won't last without me

lets tap in it's deeper than rappin look at what's happening
around you it'll drown you if you ain't on your job better get on it hard

Indigenous roots like first fruits offering
the cream of the crops back- we on top again
Mayan prophecies we conquer mephistophles
ancient philosophies-balance maat degree
shedding toxins shadowboxing more than often- our people see jail or a coffin
let's explore other options foreign ways we adopting
return them to sender-reset the agenda
we got this- from the north gate to south Caracas
shake maracas- and scatter la cucarachas
aye dios mio-Water like los rios
madre de hot flows-To dry up ya snot nose-
unlock those akashic records
flight of the navigator- Glasses aviator
sweet savor-unique flavor regal behavior
aura blocking the hater moor love deyah


earthquake your roster big sound rocker
blocka-night nurse seeking a bush doctor
moor roots-water and more fruits
salute!-unplug data reboot
pull out and don't shoot-wha bruk my yute?
sweet as a breadfruit-absolutely
dutchies pass me-dog get at me
think fast can't get nothing past me
been there and done it-most couldn't stomach
through the valleys up the summits-
fronted?not-blazing hot Cajun
scotch-bonnet pepper watching
lectures reconnecting dots DNA
unlocked-free mind liberation time
redefine-on the grind till we realign
imma ride for mine-flippin the paradigm, flipping the paradigm
Ready to rock heavy glock steady/box chevy
Refute a land levy word to the prophet
January 8th-borndate grab ya pass late
Alas fate, swept my feet the cipher's incomplete
feeling the pain deep-Black veil tear stained cheeks
Maintain my lane-each rally and aim speech
Typed the pamphlets and kept minutes centered
Held it down through death threats
Firebombs and suspect niggas
I could tell by the way eyes shifted
And the cut of they cloth-their intentions were off
Virtuous-proverb 31 nurtured 4 daughters
2 sons-Our home immaculate garden in back of it
Trips to Marrakesh moving as one flesh
First, last and every thru it all, we rock steady
pain and pleasure fire and rain
dealing with immortal love that's a powerful thing

Hold it down By any means crown to my king get free at last conquer anything classroom to the sheets-the temple to the streets power to the people supreme love-no equal

handling scandal- everyday occurrence
phone taps booby traps hotter than a furnace
co intel did they best to drive a wedge
and dirty his character but they were so amateur
alleged mistresses and illegal transactions?
Really co-wives and movement financing
they enhanced them documents- and planted fingerprints
Coming at me, cause im the one conferred in confidence
I have access to every tear, every fear
very near to his heart- very dear is my part
could never break our bond-
J Edgar hoover pawns
Cast them in the pond with the catfish and swans
Scavengers- trying to handle us never dismantle us
how could they trample us? We Elephants-they ants to us
noncompliant-scream in silence at interrogations
yo, I should win an award for lots of patience
The world on my shoulders-mama can't afford to drop it
Worshipped in all of her glory since before the Christian coptics
like Asherah- El's consort:taking no shorts
Fertile crescent like Hathor-on the path moor
Natty Congo-Sweeter than a mango
or carambola-moor megahertz than motorola
Free Alkebulan-frantz fanon menon
escaping Babylon-with a one way ticket
got the 1,2 and 3 you ain't gotta pay to kick it
like football-black stars taking the world cup
waking the world up-keepin it thoro- what
stahhr and astro-its catastro
moor currents activating moor cashflow
moor love- get exactly what you ask foe
moor light-mega watts-let it blast-yo
moor peace- to the east let's dash oh

Feel this healing stop concealing truth we building for the children mamas babies daddies-raise the bar and save we growing daily

reconnected chi six degrees with the data
put your pieces back together ressurection after scatter
take the best of we, then add it to the batter
feel it in yo dark matter-3 steps on the ladder
Ingest and see these thoughts like telepathy
universal weaponry-pass on the dogma
Meskhenets portal- giving birth to my karma
Yes, comma-cosmic bliss ama
Eat, sleep, breathe, shine light
That's the armor
the foundation-peep the demonstration
its time, no moor waiting- activation
higher than peaks of mount kilamanjaro
good like some groundnut stew, spinach, akaro
I meant akara/twinkle little starrah
I get it from my Umi and abi -mother/father
first step is love- you missing that, then don't bother


the first on the planet-command respect like taitu
get a taste of the mic fu reignite you
sipping on bamboo tea/my aura light blue
rocking with the 7 elohs I got a right to
express the trust-raise my daughters from the dust
give my sons they land back-wherever they stand at
is home-head high feather to the dome
attacking the clones wit the vibration of aummm
getting guap with the virtues of maat
balancing the books challenging the crooks
out they jurisdiction-no respect for the law
so it's time to introduce em to the flying lioness paw
summer solstice opus all I write is dulces
sweeter than mimosas-triumph cause I'm saposta
the flyest mariposa-colorful wings
self determination- a wonderful thing
They’ll never trap me in the square I swear by the hairs on his chinny chin chin living within outside of illusion this dimension confusing that’s why I’m choosing to listen to my heart the thinking wombman’s tool spent all them years in school got me further from the jewel the truth is I am all that exists condensed in this vessel special delivery all in me unequivocally ab initio mama got a greasy flow flyer than the tsetse so nagas bow to greet me yo she talk slick so you let it sink in the slaves aint free you’s a fraud mr Lincoln thinking outside the box divinity rocks like a rose quartz taking no shorts you become what you think get ya mind right baby cause insight 20/20 life be crazy
CHORUS: The goal is to be in it never of it get over rise above it have all the angles covered keep it moving beloved (2x)
Mind Power flower the concrete

Every situation only tough as ya mind think

Fight or flight scenes fill the tapestry of how things can be

Yeah, the mind can be a powerful enemy if allowed

Cloud cover hover cause of what you all about- think

Need a reminder- every now and then I slip in depression and forget about the
blessings and the lessons I’ve received

And believe that I’m falling, cause I aint ballin

And creditors keep callin while I’m putting my all in a dream,

Sacrifice sleep, eatin on the run but

I’m the one who asked for it and glory come in the morning accordin to what my
Granny said

Use my heart and my head. I picked a fine time to represent.

The best is yet to come

Yes oh yes we won

From the birth to the hearse let my purpose come first,

Never place worth on what’s not rightfully deserved.

Every morning when I open my eyes
I thank the most high for how she synthesize
my being into flesh to materialize, divine thought
not sold or bought, thought these streets are hot
with an aura of protection I walk, so like the cream
I rise to the top
aerial view watching over the
fruits I crop
call me eagle with the freedom that just don’t stop
and yeah I’m gonna rock it!
Cuz I’m a rocket!
with these universal powers in my pocket
heavy energy when I insert into the socket
watch it
decorate ya frame like a locket

A Style Good w/ a Fresh Childhood Bless The Constellations/

Living Close to The Edge Like a Game of Concentration/

We Augmented Bees Now
w/ a Better Buzz
Due to Ignorance
I almost never was/

A Shootin Stahhr
Likkle Youth w/ Guns
Thanks to Garvey
The God he Knew where I was from/

So it wasn't hard to get back to the Home
A Young Simbah
Ready for Mufasa's Throne now
My Umi Schooled me
My Koofi Fit Loosely
But I was too Scared to eat my Tabouli

Me and my Gods in the House like Snoopy
On Chagulia Tip
No Coogi
I knew sex was a thing of Beauty so I wasn't playing Spin The Bottle
Catch & Kiss or
Grip The Booty
7 Minutes in Heaven or Hump & Hold
More Like Kung Fu Class & a New Yoga Pose
This is my book of life- a snapshot of what it's looking like/ from the inner sight, inner light, living heights
I ain't never giving up until i get it right/ so let's get it right, right

Dodging Blank check Iggas-fictional figures
My Pull gravitational-finger on trigger
Locked in- loaded- matrix decoded
No spoon- honey on my tongue like oshun
Sweet words for the soul/Break shackles on the low
is Fundamental- living the truth keeping it simple
On a roll be- this plane can't hold me
lettin go of the low-higher self control we
Heads ain't really free like parolees-kenobi
gettin too comfortable- cause today they bumping you
BLUffing with that hand- life steady trumping you
my hard rocks, hard knock note slapping
first run original-sitting on the patent
firm on my asset-dissolving the past debt
status correct it-Kevlar protected
not that it's needed-cuz I won't be defeated

Paint the town green like hulk smash scenes
Throwing molotovs sticking to the theme
Mother nature Spot blower-flowing archanoah
Focus on the outcome, best believe I know a-
good thing when I see it- I am because I be it
sitting on cliffs in Mali, holdin a medi with Kali
or kwan yin-compassionate/conceiving immaculate
working the angles/ shrouded by angels
theres a natural mystic-some say it's quantum physics
simple as abc- but you won't get it with a phd
if you not ready-better get, get on it,
quick on the beat as I spit, spit on it
talk a little slick on it/in my pocket/
loch it like nessie/on my square so test me
and lose-abuse feelings cause they poor masters
anything less than the truth is haphazard

blow up the crack spots/take back our soldiers
nothing like a little love to bring things in focus
give hope to hopeless/swift as the lotus
spit gnosis-to reverse the hypnosis
through yoga poses-quick to get open
return to the pyramids unlock the mystery
it's written on the walls- tap into ya history
our bodies hold the greatest story ever told
DNA is the scroll-unlock and unfold
control cruise-my world views based on science
questioning what they tell me- moor self reliant
under the cars, clothes, hoes, drugs and alcohol
the elements and foundation still solid y'all
knowledge of self got me higher than that purple kush
fiyah like the burnin bush-not the button wanna push
shush-flying heads like Nike swoosh
Track Name: FirestaHHrter Produced by: Lex Boogie from the Bronx (CLEAN)
On my throne like merkaba- precise how I plan mines
quicksand rhymes- overstand I'm
not with the juegos- spit fuego
like waco-tangle with this you'll need maaco
dreamchasing- Sipping tonic outta mason jars
betta know I came to raise the bar-star
sweet cinnamon-thrilling them gentlemen
moor than feminine wiles- I got plentiful styles
rhyme flow heavy even on the light days
Whole steeze sun rays- cleansing like sauna
get the guava if they not on they square
get the picture? It's clear- like skies with no chemtrails
that wack shit is dead like road kill entrails
hyenas get crushed-something like a headrush
so what you crying for? never saw your higher self before?
oh yes, it's neter in the flesh, and we never half step-thats bet

Chorus: get set off-quick let off/ cause I'm holding-heat like lava molten
Golden Aurelian- rolling with seraphim
Riot sparkers-firestarters

clever- with around the way girl disposition
eff you, pay me-freedom costs-listen
keep the beef and steaks I'd rather have a vegan plate
indeed i shall proceed to take-
control- and set the record straight
moor than a conscious rapper- no box-
you can't trap her-myths shatter
move like the dolphin clan- often
man is caught up in the ego mind
exchange foreign currency-I leave it all behind
seen it like a sign of great things to come
and if two wont do, then I drop it on the one
time for your mindframe-sharpshooter aim
bridging the gap between left and right brain
sane and unsane-hot- the blue flame
imma live forever, but this is nothing like fame

Chorus: get set off-quick let off
Cause I'm holding-heat like lava molten-
golden Aurelian-roll with seraphim
riot sparkers/firestarters

red giant- defiant/ hands off assatta
Respect every soldier that was slaughtered or martyred
held in the pen auctioned and bartered
I can hear em screaming in the track-lex, play it back
if you seeking to know-get in synch with the flow
not preaching, teaching- reaching you slow
letting it sink in- the blend like fronto
once the spark fires-downloading is
I pen it to perfection perfection is my penning she standing at attention when she hear my name mentioned I tell em remember the title it's vital for my recital to hit something deep inside you its ekundayo and when I quote scriptures like I keep a bible I invoke listeners to jump out they seat and wild too right along with me thats right I'm on it's the writer of songs strictly raise vibrations I'm not amazed by the fake things that seem fantastic to some but those is the most plasticest ones so they fall like ashes and crumbs I'm like habits or having an accent on your tongue hard to lose cause the largest crowd to move like the blasting of a gun my passion is never done it's on going so when I'm on flowing I tap into the all knowing seeing as well that we in this hell my releases break them free from the spell and give them something free to inhale guaranteed potency can it be they know its me familiar essence trust it's really a blessing when I begin to bust freely in sessions I'm leaving progressing at a rapid rate the truth reveals itself like a smack in the face I'm back in the place tables is turned like we harassing the jakes

Free and national- energy is capital
Pyrokinetic like theyre all gonna laugh at you Carrie-setting beats aflame
With your brain can be scary 90 octane in the veins-quite contrary-
clearly theres something about mary, mary Yoga in the morning got her third eye open
potent like ancestral spirits she invoking Raw kombucha-como las frutas
super-extraordinary elecutor meaning I speak well-India ink fill
Quill pen-papyrus/filled with that Midas periodic table symbol a-u-
And if you never knew, then this here's the debut moor like phase two-thoughts graze you
this that salt in ya wounds-little witch hazel rock the sure shot-all praise due


I bring messages Like Melle Melle
In this Helly hell Rocking the bells Like L & L
Stopping and blocking The plotting Of azrael jezebels
With fake finger nails/Drinking ales/Listen girls/Stahhr's a queen/
Like Nefertiti/You expose/Breast and titty's/Just to move cd's/
That's why the games/All puss/A Lot of you lames/Is wuss/
Too much champagne/And kush/I campaign in hoods/My brain is good/
Too much pain/Just look/
Don't care if I go wood/I care/When I'm understood/
I'm not Lil Wayne/But I do it for the young moneys/To keep they head/
In the books look/Ain't funny/
Like bugs bunny/Listen sonny/We went from/
Pharoah's and mummy's/To weirdo dummy's/
Chasing money/My eye on majors/Like the one eye/
On the papers/My style illuminate/
The faces of haters/You dealing with a deck/Full of aces/
We came with love/How you gonna/Hate us/
Spit razor/If your man's nice/
He can step up/And get aired/Like bagpipes/
Ya style's all butt/Like backsides/
Let ya backslide/Cause I came to/
Break off the coast/Like landslides transcribe/
Dope quotes/And I got heads saying/
Across the world/Who da man/Like mankind/
Two choices- either with or against me
So Lets cut to the chase right quickly
Critics-Kiss my entire ass strictly
Dickly- nare one of them shots gone hit me
Magnetic forcefield bending them spoons
Hotter than a bikram studio in june
On the equitior- sincerely i implore
You to put the mic down- don't touch it anymore
Please retire- rhyme books in the fiyah
No tee shirts, no stickers, posters and no fliers
Join a seminary or find someone to marry
Bury your head in books-become a halfway crook
dont get it twisted cause i roll with the mystics/
i will sautee flambe and serve you with a biscuit
pass the Earth balance spread and a glass of tejj
I keep the pineal fed- raising the mental dead

She spit equivalent to round house kicks
Smacking the taste outta lips- crazy eighty eights hits
goodness gracious- gotta get the papers
Thats backed by nothing-a whole lotta fronting
imma lace you with that certified gold
Redeem at face value and reclaim ya soul
redemption or the lynchpin- you choose
Could blow at any second- gotta quick fuse
That means its short- on life support
Pulling the plug-flow on tap cause I'm bugged
blessed with pestilence- here come the locusts
flying heads dread and smashing them cocka roaches
honeybee buzzing-slay em by the dozen
Rock em to sleeps cousin just like that
rock em like a kangol and lees-all black
like-construction timbs- imma classic batch

yep, she jumped right back in it
took a little time off- got herself centered
no need for spotlight- i got that solar
switched up on ya- think a sista bipolar
nope, no xanax don't even burn spliffs much
channeling energy-aventurine wrist cuffs
this is wants verses needs- rock mics or raise the seeds
at first a challenge- now-both with balance
ain't never missed a beat- since days i was deep
in my mamas womb-spitting amniotic fluid to the tune
of a heartbeat-everything I speak magnifique
that means you love it-quit acting stubborn
fronting- knowing that this joint straight bumping
like chicken pox- ahk-mumps and goiters
her phrases contagious-range is enormous
conquering the globe- headlining on Reuters